We Talk About Hotel Bathroom Amenities Suppliers

It is common knowledge that when you are checked in a hotel, all the products inside your room are yours and are free. You can take them home if you want after your stay and you do not have to worry about anything adding on to your hotel bill. They ARE a part of what you paid anyway. Of course, the bed and the lamp do not count. But it all makes us wonder, how much do they actually pay for their hotel bathroom amenities suppliers?

You see them in bathrooms as these tiny little soaps and small containers of shampoo. Every time someone checks in, those are replaced by new ones and they take care to never let new guests use what has already been used. We do not know what kind of skin condition the previous guest was if there were any.

So of course, as a hygienic sort of solution, they change it right away. If the ones used were taken then no problem. They would just easily replace them with new ones from their stock. The suppliers were there so they should be fully stocked to the brim and have no worries about a shortage.

They also take care not to put any labels of the amenities there, unless they legitimately are sponsored by a certain brand. Otherwise, they will be put into their own tiny unbranded bottles to give to their guests. The guests may detect what brand those are if they sniff it and are familiar with them, but other than that, there are no clear signs of a certain brand.

Toothpaste is also considered a bathroom amenity. Since it is quite more difficult to just squeeze the paste out and put them inside a black tube to get rid of branding, they make sure that the suppliers give them the ones that were specifically made for hotels. Small tubes of toothpaste are stored in the guest bathrooms too.

Of course, if they indeed are sponsored publicly about a brand, then they make sure to flaunt it as much as they can. They are kind of required to anyway. So their toothpaste has to be obviously branded as they stayed displayed in bathrooms. There might even be possibilities of taking it a step further.

Like, the name of that advertisement might even be sewn into the towels there. Right beside the sewn in name of their hotel. It might be a lot classier to just leave it with the hotel name, but if they were required to, they will put the names of the brands they are sponsored on just about anyway.

That would technically mean that their supplier is also a specific kind of supplier. One that has a branded name to them and has been working with the hotel manager for a long time for them to actually have some sewn towels in. It might now even be just towels. It could be on the expensive looking napkins they serve along with the food too.

Hotels also have to ensure that their supplier does not have any trouble getting to them. This would basically mean that they have to be at least near the establishment to avoid any setbacks. Hotels are mostly based on customer service. They cannot afford any mishaps because that would impede the service.