How to Protect Trees during Home Renovations

Trees are subtle to major variations to their environment, however, and can undergo damage during home renewals or construction. It can also be problematic to tell when or how they sustained harm as they may not display any indication of damage for several months or even years. Careful planning, preventative care, and synchronisation between a certified tree care specialist and your builder can alleviate these effects and save you from treatment and removal fees later on. You can also request kirkland tree service from if you need any help during the renovation process for your trees.

Planning in advance will save you a lot of time and money in reparative work after your renovations are completed. Turn to a certified tree specialist will importantly help you during the preparation process. They will work with your constructor to advance a landscape protection plan before construction begins. 

Here are some steps to help mitigate damage to your trees during construction:

– Set up construction fences about the perimeter of all the trees you want to guard. Fences should be situated as far from the trees as possible to inhibit damage to the root systems.

– Inculcate the construction team to keep the fenced area free from building materials, waste, or excess soil. Also, escape trenching inside the fenced areas.