A Healthy Heart And Spine From Yoga

Yoga is not only a great way to gain flexibility and strength but it also helps our internal functioning as well.  When our spine is healthy our central nervous system is able to function properly, keeping the body at optimum health.   For those who don’t know, our central nervous system helps to control all functions of your body and when the nerves are compressed they are unable to do their job.  For example if the nerves that function your digestive system are blocked you may have issues digesting food.  Doing yoga is a great way to keep the spine healthy and that allows the body to function properly.   Studies have shown that those with a health spine also have healthy arterial functioning. 

Many yoga studios offer many different types of yoga and some even offer classes that are specific to back and spine strengthening.  Let the instructor know if you have any injuries and make sure to listen to your body.  Many people I have come across are intimidated by yoga and believe they need to be flexible before starting the class.  This couldn’t be further from the truth!  Many people who start going to yoga are not flexible, but with consistency and daily practice you will be more flexible over time.  Even if you are unable to make a class 20 minutes a day at home will help to ensure you are stretching your body every day.

Spinal health is key to keeping your body healthy.  I would recommend seeing your local San Diego Chiropractor and start getting adjusted regularly to ensure a healthy spine.  Most  San Deigo Chiropractors are able to take initial x-rays to see if there are any areas of your spine that are misaligned.  There are even some offices that offer yoga classes that are designed to help strengthen and support your spine.  Remember when your spine is healthy it helps to ensure you have a healthy heart and body!