Metal Recycling – Fueling the Global Manufacturing Supply Chain

Steel recycling businesses recycle over 81.4 million tons of steel and iron, 1.8 million tons of aluminum, 4.5 million tons of aluminum and approximately 1.4 million tons of stainless steel each year.

Firms involved with metal recycling change these otherwise wasted funds to the raw materials, which fuel the production supply chain, encouraging the world market, commerce and bring about resource sustainability.

Steel recycling is a hi-tech business industry that employs tens of thousands of employees to convert discarded metals into useful economic commodities. You can browse online resources to recycle non ferrous metals.

A number of the very Recycled Metal Products – Metals can be recycled again and again to produce raw materials that are useful. Though all types of metals can be recycled, aluminum and steel are recycled.

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Some of the most recycled aluminum and steel goods are –


  • Soda cans
  • Appliances
  • Automobile parts
  • Windows
  • Doors

Benefits of Metal Recycling – This is sensible to utilize recycling to convert lost metal products into raw materials instead of continuously depleting the earth’s natural resources.

Some of the important Benefits of metal recycling are –

  • Less energy required to melt a waste metal and recycle it than it does to produce new metal.
  • Utilization of poisonous metals reduces CO2 emissions and air pollution.
  • Less water and land pollution
  • Metals can be recycled over and over again.
  • Metal recyclers cover you for your garbage.