Read Interesting Facts Regarding K9 Opioid Overdose

Nowadays, it has become more prevalent for numerous organizations and firms specializing in crime investigation and search and rescue operations to incorporate the use of animals along with their field of expertise and services. The most common animal to add to their list are dogs, especially considering they have a natural tracking ability and are quite easy to train compared to other species. Just like their human counterparts, these hounds are exposed to all sorts of hazards during the line of duty too.

While risking their lives has been part of the responsibilities placed upon them even during the time of training, these types of situations can potentially lead to accidents or even death. As a result, experts are constantly seeking new ways to improve upon training methods and the best ways to remedy these existing issues. To learn more about this, continue reading the following text to discover interesting facts regarding K9 Opioid overdose.

These canines are often trained when they are still a puppy to help condition their mind and body to respond to different scenarios. As such, when the times comes for their graduation, they become well rounded hounds that are knowledgeable and disciplined to handle all sorts of cases. However, risks are always involved and that is most apparent in industries and applications revolving crime activities.

One of the most well known applications that benefit from using them are police departments and investigation firms. This is most apparent in their implementation of dogs who specialize in sniffing out trails and tracking illegal substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and the like. This leaves them vulnerable to inhaling these substances, leading to health problems and even overdosing on them from time to time.

As a matter of fact, there have been numerous news reports and sad stories of these hounds encountering premature deaths due to an accidental overdose. Authority figures and security organizations are seeking a way to remedy this issue and to minimize it from happening again. In fact, just a few months prior, three dogs nearly died on the twenty seventh of October during one of their regular runs.

The mission seemed simple enough, detailing how they were used to sniff out a hidden stash of currency within a seemingly abandoned household. The Drug Enforcement Agency had issued out a full scale investigation taking along with them Primus, Packer, and Finn, two Labradors and a German short hair for the job. However, what followed was more scientific discovery on top of the hidden stack of cash.

It was discovered that the inhabitants had previously used a combination of Opioids, which had contaminated various fixtures including the flooring. Since these animals were sniffing the ground for tracks, they had unknowingly inhaled the substance as they did so. After the job however, a police offer noted how Primus started to become less respondent and remained limp at the back of their vehicle.

Opioids are a classification of drugs that have similar effects to that of morphine. It is commonly used by the health care industries in minimizing pain levels and administering anesthesia during surgical operation. Nevertheless, even the smallest amount of it when misused can lead to serious side effects and even death.

Following the events on that fateful day, the three dogs were taken to the nearest animal hospital to be examined and treated. Fortunately, they were rescued right on time and are now back in full health and are working again. As a result, the trio has become the new poster models for a campaign raising awareness against drug abuse and its ill effects not just on humans, but on animals too. As more time passes by, authorities and citizens alike are hoping to make a radical change against harmful substances and its high level of accessibility to numerous communities across the globe.