Using a patio heater safely

Patio heaters are a discrete way to keep an outdoor patio warm throughout the year. But with any heating device there are associated dangers and risks. In most cases manufacturers have tried to minimize the risk of damage through a number of safety features.

For example many of the gas patio heaters have the real possibility that they could be leaking gas and then cause an explosion when lit. So a prospective patio heater owner should ensure that their is a safety switch that doesn’t allow the spark to fire when the gas has been flowing for longer than 15 seconds.

In addition the patio heater should have reflectors installed that ensure that the heat is directed downwards. As when installed on ceilings and on walls the heat they give off can cause extensive damage if it is not properly directed. This also is a fire risk and should be overlooked.

The flames should not be completely open and mesh or a wire net should cover the flames or heating element in the case of an electric heater to ensure debris doesn’t come in contact with the flame nor the hands of children or pets. If using a freestanding patio heater it should be installed on a sturdy base to ensure that it doesn’t fall over in windy conditions.

If all of these things are taken into account the owner can be comfortable in the knowledge that they can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and safely.