Fear of Flying – Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Statistically, passengers are much safer at an aircraft that they’re in a vehicle, but it doesn’t stop individual’s people who are fearful of flying out of experiencing extreme anxiety, anxiety and even panic attacks at the idea of taking a wreck.

No-one is born frightened to fly!

Our minds don’t have any method of differentiating between what we see on the information and what we see throughout the movie that follows the information. You can search for online courses for overcoming flying anxiety.

However, communication between the logical brain and the reptilian portion of the mind, which keeps us safe, is bad and it does not matter exactly what our logical brain knows whether our self-protection mechanism considers us to be at risk.

A brief physiology lesson might help

In broad terms, the mind is split into 3 different regions. The cold-blooded brain is that our oldest brain works quietly in the background constantly assessing people and situations.

You’ll have undergone that sickening sense as adrenaline rushes through each cell of your body when you end up in a frightening scenario – it happens if your logical mind knows you aren’t at risk.

When anxiety is experienced, for our purposes we’re talking anxiety about flying, it’s the inhuman brain that’s triggered.

In extreme conditions in addition to feeling nervous and stressed it’s possible for people who dread flying to experience panic attacks which cause migraines, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hyperventilation and, in extreme cases, loss of awareness.