Sustainable Construction Work

Structure and Gathering Procedures:

Construction and setup procedure is known as the manufacturing procedure, which happens on a construction site and whose ultimate purpose is to create the production.

Construction functions are divided into:

  • Construction of Buildings – It is a brand new construction or new building of utilities and Solutions. Communications structure of this expansion of a Present building structure, recovery of destructed cultural heritage principles;
  • Operational Process – Is traditionally used for construction maintenance, repair, renovation or demolition. 3S Integrate Engineering Co., Ltd.
    provides you with information on the construction operational process.
  • Structure Process – Structure process is the collection of construction completed by the constant of workers in based technological coherence. Construction work is each of the job done out for construction or demolition of construction.

Construction functions are broken:

  • General Structure Works: territory of job (property aid direction, construction the base pit, excavation and transport of these technology systems structure of filling and mining, excavation loading, loading dikes communications services to build, canals and ditches, and their assertion of slopes maintain excavation and fulfilling works of agricultural irrigation and drainage systems.
  • Particular Construction: mechanical works (buildings and outside water distribution, sewerage, gas, heating production and source of construction heating and venting systems as well as other high-profile setup work); electric works.