Point of Sale For Retailers

Customer Administration

The point-of-sale for retail organizations may provide you with the possibility to possess a deeper grasp of their direction of one’s web visitors. The idea of Sale for the Retail platform should make it possible for one to handle your visitors that will enable one to see down their contact particulars.

This will let you have the ability to send unsolicited promotional stuff into them via email or article that’ll permit them to find out any supplies that are available and can lead for them purchasing these services and products available on offer. This will result in the earnings growth of one’s business resulting in the profit earners.

Employee Management

The E -’POS’ (also known as ‘เครื่อง pos‘ in the Thai language) system can provide you the capability to handle the staff from the own till. Which usually means that the machine will permit your employees to get their particular accounts that they’ll have the ability to sign in to every time that they arrive on the job.

Earnings Reports

The idea of Sale for the Retail platform will make it possible for one to reevaluate your earnings from deeper detail. That is due to the fact that the device will develop a product sales report that’ll incorporate most the earnings for a predetermined time period e.g. per day, monthly or weekly.

Stock Control

Our point of sale for stores will allow the business to restrain their stock through the prior. The EPOS system is likely to create inventory controller simple. The idea of Sale system will list every time an item comes and can subtract it by the sum of stock which you have.