Plan Out Your Eating Periods With The Science Based Six Pack Abs Plan

All of our schedules are busy filled with things like work, family, and recreation. No one wants to spend their time counting out calories and measuring out tons of little portions each night, just to prepare food for the next day! Food should be enjoyable and give you the freedom to attend business functions and parties. It should leave energize you, and leave you ample time for everything else in life. Science Based Six Pack can give you all of this, plus an amazing physique. 

Traditional Diet 

So many of us rush off to work early in the morning, eating whatever we can grab or make quickly. Often, this amounts to a sugary, carb-filled choice, leaving you tired a couple of hours later, when the sugar high wears off.

By mid-morning, you are having to grab a snack to keep going, either a pre-made "diet" snack from home, or something from a vending machine that you'll regret later.

Lunchtime rolls around, and it's either a fast food meal with coworkers, or another pre-made meal from home, one that typically doesn't taste all that great.

Afternoon will bring you back to that same vending machine, hoping they have some type of healthy protein bar to keep you going until dinner.

Finally, dinner time, which likely ends up being a tasteless, slab of precooked chicken. Typically it's the same thing you have been eating for dinner all week.

Science Based Six Pack Diet

On the Science Based Six Pack Abs plan, you are going to skip breakfast and just enjoy a couple of cups of coffee, leaving you plenty of time to get out the door without feeling rushed.

Mid-morning and lunch find you hydrating your body with lemon infused mineral water, which suppresses your appetite and gives your liver a healthy boost. 

Late afternoon will have you breaking your fast with a convenient snack. This snack contains specific nutrients to enhance the fat burning of your 16 hour fast. You will now be beginning your 8 hour eating period.

Dinner is time to replenish your body by enjoying a large, calorie-dense meal, without the guilt! This meal can be eaten at home or at your favorite restaurant, and loaded with foods that you love!

As you can see, Science Based Six Pack gives you time to be more productive at work, then when you get off you have time to enjoy all of your favorite meals. No more deprivation and weeks of that same baked chicken breast ever night for dinner!

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