Ministry Is Rewarding Work

Men in Ministry and all ministry labors are very conscious of this meek fact: Ministry is Work. Ministry is most worthwhile when the work gives our capabilities beyond the relaxed area of our competences, beyond our information and outside of anything we ever understood we would do.

Now we start to make God smile.  The Great Commission needs three types of ministry.  The 3 types of ministry demanded are a ministry to God, ministry into the Body, and ministry to non-believers. You can also find the best churches around me by clicking right here.

First and foremost is your ministry to God.  We’ve been made to love and serve Him.  Each of kingdom-successful ministries has their deepest base in prayer and Bible study.

Prayer is vacant with no Bible study, so both should be spoken and spoken synchronously.  The Bible informs us many times in various ways, to pray continuously.

The next kind of ministry is into the entire body of believers.  This can’t be accomplished with kingdom achievement unless we’re ministering to God all the time.

The next kind of ministry is completely outward-facing.  These kinds of ministry are out the walls, beyond of the comfort and the recognizable; ministry to reach the entire world with Christ.