Lucid Dreams – The Act Of Conscious Dreaming

We all dream while sleeping. But there can be some who do not dream or we can say that they don’t remember their dreams. Some of us have capability to remember the dreams. This can be a good as well as a bad experience. Dreaming can be pleasant or unpleasant or it can also be frightening.

The conscious dreaming was discovered by Tibetan Buddhism nearly 1000 years ago. When we dream we think that things are happening actually. But some people are aware that they are in their dream. And this phenomenon is known as “Lucid Dreaming”.

It means that you are consciously sleeping. You wake up in your dream where you can feel, see and touch everything. But you are conscious and aware that you are dreaming.

lucid dreaming

The very first evidence for conscious dreaming was discovered by Keith Hearne in England. He also recorded REM signals with Alan Worsley and after that the experiment was published by Dr Stephen LaBerge.

Benefits of lucid dreaming for you:

Control of nightmares: Lucid dreams are beneficial as they help you unveil many of your deep fears. Many studies have shown that lucid dreams can help in reducing the intensity of nightmares. You can explore Weird Facts About Dreams : What is Lucid Dreaming?

It can boost up your confidence level. You will feel it easy to tackle your issues and scary truths.

lucid dreams

Realization: In lucid dreaming, you dream will relate the situations to your real life. You can gain clear understanding of your decisions and problems.

This practice is very helpful in reducing depression, psychological problems and anxieties.

Lucid dreaming can be a great tool for handling psychological problems.

Just for example if you have a fear of snakes, you can fight with your fear with lucid dreaming. Because you are aware, you would know that you are totally safe and can deal with the situation. Just hop over to this website to know more facts about lucid dreaming.

Being aware of the dream and dream control are not dependent on each other. The situation can be like you are in your lucid dream but things are not happening according to you and you are not having control over it.

And sometimes, people only choose to watch the situation instead of handling it. We get opportunities to find many solutions for our problems.