Different Types of Receipt Printers

An integral part of the POS system is the pos receipt printer. This printer finds wide application in retail environments. These printer used for printing customer receipts as well as ‘credit card’ slips. 

If you are looking for a Receipt Printer that is suitable for your retail or industrial store, then there are several leading sales suppliers in Thailand that offer branded printers.

Various Types of Receipt Printers

It finds wide application in all types of businesses. You can get them in different price ranges and environments. Different models are available for various applications.

Various types of POS receipt printers (Also known as “ เครื่องพิมพ์ “ in the Thai language)including DOT matrices, thermal printers, inkjet printers, etc. Following is a list of factors to consider for choosing the right receipt printer.

Dot Matrix: Another name for a dot matrix printer is an impact printer. They generally require a ribbon containing the ink to operate.

Dot Matrix printers are recommended for kitchens, gaming, banking, and low turnover retail and hospitality environments.

Thermal printers: Thermal printers are more widely used compared to DOT matrix printers because of their high quality, quiet operation, and high speed.

Thermal receipt printers instantly find wide application in restaurants, grocery stores, and other fast retail environments.

InkJet: This ‘inkjet’ printer consists of a print head that shoots small drops of ink liquid on paper.

Those who are looking for printing coupons or color logos with superior quality on receipts, this printer is the best. You can use this printer in restaurants and luxury boutiques.

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