Common Reasons for a Paternity Test

Many people request a paternity test for their children, but not everyone does it for the same reasons. There are a few instances in which you might want to get a paternity test. You should learn about the most common reasons, and consider if you fit into one of these categories.

Get Child Support

If you are a mother who needs child support to help with the costs of raising children, you may need to request a paternity test for the father of your kids.

You might know who the father is, but the court cannot force someone to pay child support if he is insisting the children are not his. Getting this test done should settle the matter, as the court should be able to make a court order so that the father either pays or is penalized. You may check online to get the details about the paternity test and reason behind it.

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Sometimes this is all you can do to try to get child support, as it is up to the court to enforce the order once you do your part as far as requesting the paternity test.

Find Out If the Child You Have Raised Is Really Yours

Whether or not you are still with the mother of the child you have raised, you may wonder if the child really is yours.

Perhaps the mother's story does not add up, or she has hinted a few times while angry that the child may not be yours. If you just need to know, a paternity test can tell you the truth.