Why you should choose plastic stanchions for crowd control?

Let’s say, you’re holding an event with a lot people and only have a couple of entrances, which means you might need to figure a good way out to control the crowd. A group of employees or bouncers may not be very effective and could turn out to be expensive, and not everyone can afford high-end crowd control equipment. This is why some would use plastic stanchions and plastic chains. Plastic stanchions can be easily bought through websites such as alphacrowdcontrol.com, etc.

Easily adjustable Stanchions

Plastic stanchion posts and chains are easy to move about and reconfigure. These posts weight very little and can be moved by just one person. When your store or event is in need of a new type of configuration, plastic stanchions could really be put to the test.

Reducing confusion

When set-up with the right stanchion the crowd will know where to go. Many of them have convenient sign holders that help them through to the end of the line.

Reducing your costs

With the crowds of people in control and out of your way, you wouldn’t have to hire more employees and for those employees that are already with you they can take care of their own work, having proper lines and guide signs put up may also help you keep the crowd together.


The best part is that these barriers can be used again and again, or if they get crushed or damage they can easily be recycled or reused for many years to come.